Soul on the Left


1.     Momentum Planck


2.     Dave Spoon & Pete Tong Gas Face


3.     Lerio Corrado Game Set


4.     Richard Grey Feat. Kaysee Crash on You


5.     The Montanas & DJ Roland Clark Music Talking (D.O.N.S. & DBN Remix)


6.    Pietro Coppola Resonance


7.     Budai & Vic Meeru


8.     Thomas Gold & Matthias Menck Everybody Be Somebody


9.     Starkillers Discoteka (Erick Shake it up Remix)


10. 2 Dirty feat. Vika Kova Climax in the Head (Vocal Mix)


11.  DJ Fixt Lemme See You Work


12.  Far Too Loud feat. Subsource You Know the Sound


13.  Guns N Bombs Riddle of Steel


14.  Steve Porter Pixy Stix (Roger Lee Remix)


15. Danny Freakazoid Left & Right


16.  Col Hamilton feat. Abigail Bailey Into Darkness