Excerpts from Hernan Cattaneo - Sequential (CD1)
Hernan Cattaneo - Sequential

I picked Hernán Cattáneo’s third dual CD set for the Renaissance label in Mid-2006, and it took me awhile to get around to listening to it. When I finally popped it into my car CD player, I quickly realized that I’d been missing out.

This is simply the best DJ mix set that I bought in 2006. Several others seem to like this set of mixes too. Disc one is simply a great smooth house disc that flows steadily to a great peak and a fabulous final track. As the vocal on Randal Jones’ “With My Friends” states, this mix is just track after track of hotness.

There are some real standout tracks on this disc though. Early in the mix, Traffik’s “Thought Line” has a great vocal overlay, “It’s 7AM in the morning”, that seems kind of distant - like we’d just spent the whole night out or something. Other personal standouts are the previously mentioned Randal Jones track, Mikael Delta’s “Baboo”, and the last two tracks, 16 Bit Lolitas’ “Passing Lights” and Phonique’s “For the Time Being”. The vocal on the latter being outstanding in it’s distance and ethereal feeling, while the track itself is a great driving closer.

Disc Two of Sequential, is, as expected, a bit tougher geared to be more of a peak time mix. Now I’ve heard some of Cattáneo’s live shows, and I can tell you that his live stuff is simply much more harder edged than Disc Two even pretends to be. That being said Disc Two lacks the same kind of tunneled and distant sound of Disc One, and several of the tracks are laden with broken and techy beats, such as the Luke Chable remix of Union Jack’s “Two Full Moons and a Trout” or “Derek Howell’s “Cram it up your Cram Hole”, the latter of which has a great overlay of Slam’s “Human”.

Overall, this mix too grabs you and doesn’t let go. There are no overextended loops that might lose your attention, and the pace and sequencing (no pun intended) are excellent.

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