Excerpts from Nick Warren - GU#28 (Shanghai) (CD1)
Nick Warren - GU#28 (Shanghai)
 I believe that I’ve got all of Nick Warren’s contributions to the GU series as well as his contribution to the Renaissance label. Over the years, he’s taken a more subdued approach to his CD mixes, opting for the slow and smooth start and building into a more beat intensive affair.
CD 1 of this two disc set is no exception. The disc starts out as with a smooth breaks sound and slowly builds into a four to the floor vibe, then glides back into a breaks mix and back again to a driving house rhythm. The mix is tight and beat laden, but remains subdued and ethereal throughout.

The first disc is an excellent example of how electronic music can be made for listening as well as for dancing. There’s a lot going on in this mix and the sounds, overlays and melodies that Warren brings to the tables for this disc are a pretty good sample of what he’s been up to during his jaunts around the globe as an international DJ.

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