Excerpts from Steve Lawler - Lights Out 3 (CD1)
Steve Lawler - Lights Out 3

This is the third installment of Steve Lawler’s contribution to the Global Underground label. The Lights Out mixes have typically been dark affairs meant for underground clubs in the wee hours of the morning.  Though I've not reviewed one in the past, I've actually liked all of them.

Disc one starts off with the traditional original “intro”, which I kinda like in a mix CD. Following the intro, it slides into a dark house groove that is maintained throughout the mix. There are a couple of highlight tracks that I really like, Swain & Snell’s “Deniy” is an excellent track with a repeated vocal overlay. The second highlight is the Fedo Orange Mix of F.E.D.O.’s “Happy Days Don’t Stop”. In this track, Lawler uses a vocal overlay from Cevin Fishers, “Women Beat the Men”, which works excellently with this tribal infused track.

Overall, the first disc is your standard driving house mix w/ not a lot of frills, which is fine with me!

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