Excerpts from Dave Seaman - Renaissance The Therapy Sessions Vol. 2 Disc 1
Dave Seaman - Renaissance The Therapy Sessions Vol. 2
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Dave Seaman's mix starts out as if he's not sure where he's going to go with it.  Starting out with "Little Soul" an excellent track by Stel & Good Newz (the first of three tracks by this production team) followed by the chunky "You Won't Bother Me" by Da Glass it glides into the huge track, "Les Nocturnes" by Silicone Soul that seems to be finding itself everywhere (see Danny Howell's GU review).  "Les Nocturnes" has an excellent funky bassline and a synth peak that makes crescendo after crescendo of ass wigglin' bliss. 
The mix turns from the very housey and groovy Silicone Soul track back to very techy chunky territory very quickly with FC Kahuna's remix of Mellow's, "Drifting Out of Sight".  I found this a bit off putting, as if Dave Seaman just HAD to put that Silicone Soul track in there, even if it didn't really fit.  I like the track, but did it really fit?
Things seem to level out after this and the beatiful and airy vocals on "Come To Me" by Holden & Thompson make me forget all about the Silicone Soul business.  This too is a track that has been used alot by several top notch DJs, and justifiably so.  It has a great ethereal vibe that is accentuated by the double bass drum thump thumpping throughout the beat.  The vocals, while sounding airy and sweetly feminine also seem a little creepy, with lines like, "You don't need to breathe, come to me."
Following this track Dave Seaman brings the real vibe in kicking it up with DJ 19 and Austin Leeds' "Diamond in the Dust" and the venerable Tilt's "New Day".
Tonedepth follows with an excellent track, "To The Moon", that features Matt Shapiro's pain filled vocals.  Tears for Fears (yes that Tears for Fears!) follows, though this is not a vocal track.  The groove is continued with second by Stel and Good Newz. However, it is the track by Ethan, "In My Heart" that I think brings the mix to it's peak. 
The final track is again by Stel and Good Newz, but this "Little Soul" is the Group Therapy Reprise, which is very much a downtempo wind down track to bring it all to a close.  I thought that was pretty cool. 
I must say that in spite of the disjointed nature or lack of journey in the mix, I like it.  Probably not because of the actual mix, but for the collection of really good tracks that it is.