Excerpts from John Digweed - Choice Disc 1
John Digweed - Choice
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If you want to hear some classic late 80's and early 90's club music, this is the disc for you.  Not only do you get a great collection of music that otherwise might be lost to posterity, you also get to hear some of the music that turned John Digweed onto dance music in the first place. 
There's a lot of good stuff on these discs, and while both discs tend to flow as far as the mix is concerned, there is not a lot of DJ tricks or effects.  This is just a straightforward mix.
Disc one is the more subdued of the mixes.  Starting off with what amounts to a groovy downtempo vibe, John Digweed only starts to really pick up the energy level in the last third of the mix.  Overall, this is not just a good example of music that influenced Mr. Digweed, it's also a damned fine CD based upon the music alone.  While some of the music is somewhat dated, that's okay.  Really, there's not a bad track on this disc.