Excerpts from Seb Fontaine Type Disc 1
Seb Fontaine - Type
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I've picked up a couple of other Seb Fontaine mix CDs in the past.  All have been passable, but this was the first that really grabbed me upon my initial listen.  Unfortunately, upon repeat listenings of Disc One, I'm realizing that it's the individual track selections I really like, and not necessarily his sequencing or mixing. 


Disc one starts out with a funky feel and the vocal overlay of a spurned girlfriend who was apparently turned away at the club by the DJ who happens to be named “Seb”, imagine that!  It then falls into an “intro” period that climbs into “Tweakin’” by Thick Dick and follows with the excellent “Chiapet” by Westworld.  There are a couple of what I consider to be “filler” tracks that pull things down, but sets the stage for the last third of the mix, which is kicked off by the Palesh mix of “Champion” by Saed and Palash.  Basically, the last third of the mix is where Disc one hits a plateau that is maintained for four tracks, all of which are very good.  It’s all a prelude to the second disc.