Excerpts from Danny Howells GU#27 Miami Disc 1
Danny Howells - GU #27 Miami
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Though Danny Howells has been releasind DJ Mix compilations for several years, this was his first release on the flag ship series of the Global Underground label. 
I've really enjoyed Disc One.  It starts out with a kind of laid back vibe that does not insist that one move, but allows one to sit back and just enjoy the tunes.  Even when things start to kick into gear with the  Salt City Orchestra mix Sneaker Pimps' "Post Modern Sleaze", the groove is really more funky w/ a repeating electric bass line that meshes well with  the vocals from Keli Ali.
Funky really describes the entire disc.  The excellent track from Silocone Soul "Les Noctournes" pops into the mix, and in my opinion fits much more nicely on this disc than on Dave Seaman's contribution to the second volume of "The Therapy Sessions". 
Overall, I've found myself very satisfied with the first disc.  If I were at a funky bar with some friends, this would be an excellent disc to have playing in the background.  It can grab and hold the listener's interest without dominating the scene.