Excerpts from Anthony Pappa - Balance 006 Disc 1
Anthony Pappa - Balance 006
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Australian Anthony Pappa gained notariety in the early 90's, when in his late teens he began garnering a reputation as being an excellent DJ with a very tight and clean style who mixed in key (of all things!).  His light really started to shine when he won a DJ competition among hundreds of entries for the venerable (and now quite cheesy) MixMag.  Eventually he moved to England and really focused on his chosen career path.  That was over 10 years ago, and in the last five years I've heard his name tossed about.  It wasn't until I heard his guest spot on Digweed's KISS 100 show that I really started paying attention.
To my knowledge, this is the third exclusive dual CD mix by Anthony Pappa - previous releases were on the GU and System lables.  While he gained his reputation mixing progressive style of house music, this mix starts out much differently.
Disc One can best be described as an "ambient breaks" mix.  All tracks are breaks tracks, but they all have a certain chilled out vibe to them as well.  None of them really kick into high gear, but all are excllent productions and very interesting compositions - it certainly won't bore.  Overall, this is a mix disc to be listened to, not necessarily to dance to - great for a bar or some other gathering place.  Of course there is the obligatory overlay of Neo from "The Matrix", courtesy of the final track "I Know You're Afraid" by Tilt, but that fits in very nicely to end the disc.