Excerpts from Hernan Cattaneo - Renaissance the Masters Series Vol. 2 Disc 1
Hernan Cattaneo - Renaissance The Masters Series Vol 2
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The first time I heard a mix by Hernan Cattaneo, it was shortly before the release of his first “Masters Series” dual CD release for Renaissance.  Upon hearing that CD and reading about the release in one of the DJ magazines I read regularly, I knew it was something that I wanted to get.  Of course I really liked it, as you can tell by the review I did last year.  Since then I found his dual CD release for the Perfecto label, “South America”, which was released in 2002 and is quite good, featuring one of my all time favorite tracks, PQM’s “You Are Sleeping”. 


Earlier this year, I picked up his second dual CD release for Renaissance, simply titled “The Masters Series Volume 2”.  Clever eh?  Like Mr. Cattaneo’s previous releases, this is a smooth but driving progressive outing. 


The first disc starts out with everyone’s Belgian darling this year, Pole Folder, who has appeared on many mix CDs, and has also released “Zero Gold”, which you will find reviewed here as well.  It’s a slow grinder that has some repeated quote like, “Cravings are the something or other of happiness”.  I really can’t tell, and that makes me listen all the harder.  The mix moves from there to a steady groove that is maintained by a track from the very talented Omid Nourizadeh, here in his “16b” guise.  It flows into a very melodic track remixed by Tom Middleton, the appropriately named “Lost in Melody” by Delays.  This is followed by the one of my favorite tracks, “Horn” by Ciro, which has a slightly broken beat that sets the stage for these insistent horn blasts, which sound great in the car with the stereo turned up really high. 


From this point the mix really kicks into gear with several great tracks culminating in the Asad Risvi mix of Harry Peat's, “Affrodizziac”; A track that I’ve purchased and used in one or two of my own mixes.  Following this is the key vocal track of this CD, the Dean Coleman dub of Morel’s “If You Love Me”, which was originally featured on Morel’s excellent “Lucky Strike” LP, which I reviewed earlier this year. 


The groove on CD1 continues unabated and actually gets a bit more intense through the last four tracks, with the final track “Code” by Bionic Rockers taking it through to the end preparing the listener for CD2.