Miguel Migs - 24th Street Sounds
Excerpts from Miguel Migs' 24th St Sounds CD 1
Miguel Migs hails from the Northern California area. He began his musical career as a guitarist songwriter in a Santa Cruz Dub, Zion Sounds. After his band broke up in the mid-90’s he began a career as a DJ and electronic music producer. He has had several singles released on many major labels in the dance music world. His is an easygoing, deep house sound that sounds like a soundtrack for an early evening barbeque as opposed to 2AM in a dark laser filled club.

CD1 is a collection of 16 tracks, all seamlessly mixed. Overall, it is a lighthearted mix. Heaps of house beats, Diva samples and live instrument jiggling is the hallmark of the deep house sound and this mix has those elements in abundance. Overall, the sound has a very 70’s style soulful feel – I would not have been surprised to hear a Barry White in this mix. The break downs are minimal, and the beat is an almost constant bump-chikka-bump house 4:4 beat that gets the head to waggling.

I have been delving into the house genre more deeply in the last two years, and this style of house is typically not my cup of tea. It is filled with tracks that keep the same tempo and vibe, but there were a few tracks that really stand out from the crowd. In particular, I gravitated to Generous Flavour’s “Waiting” (Soul Magic’s Fine Dub) as well as the Faze Action Remix of “Give It Up” by Crazy Penis (great name that!). “Where is the Love” by Kerri Chandler has a really 70’s sound to the vocals, that I found worked well with the syncopated secondary percussion. Fred Everything’s “Next to Me” (w/ Roy Davis Jr providing the vocals) has certainly also has the feel of a 70’s disco single, with a spoken word overlay reminiscent of Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass.

Recognizing that this is not the house music from the dark or tribal side that I typically gravitate to, I found myself warming up to this mix upon repeat listens. This is a mix that is not about building up lots of energy; it’s about setting a groove and keeping it going.
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