The Crystal Method - Legion of Boom
Excerpts from The Crystal Method's Legion of Boom
When I bought The Crystal Method's first CD, "Vegas", I was blown away. Since then, I've made it a point to support this duo and have purchased their Mix CD "Community Service" as well as thier second full album "Tweekend", both of which were very good. When I saw it had been released at a local CD retailer, I did not hesitate to purchase "Legion of Boom".

Upon first listen, I realized that I've become somewhat spoiled or perhaps set myself in a rut, and expected more of the same. This is a fine album, but it's not "Vegas". And should I expect The Crystal Method to reprise the style of their debut album? Upon reflection, I think not.

"Legion of Boom" is an album where it seems clear that The Crystal Method are trying to introduce themselves to a wider audience. There are several vocal or rap tracks on this CD with guest vocalists and they have tried to fuse the breaks genre with the rock and roll genre by introducing guitar samples (provided by Limp Bizkit's guitarist Wes Borland) and more traditional song structure into the tracks. The result is an album that is a good collection of new songs that may have sounded fresh had this been their second release.

There are tracks like "True Grit", which seem to be typical Crystal Method fare, with synths that harken back to "Vegas", but are followed up by "The Americal Way" which seems to be a rock/hiphop track with rapper Rhazel. Lisa Kekaula provides her soulful vocals on "Realizer" and "High and Low", both of which are fine tracks. But perhaps it's the disjointed feel that leaves me hanging. There seems to be no unifying tie binding this album together.

I'd use several of these tracks in a breakbeat mix, but I'll probably only occasionally listen to this entire album. Some reviewers have called this album "spontaneous" and "defiant". I prefer to think of this album as The Crystal Method's attempt to gain a wider audience by throwing out a random collection of collaborations, but there are only a few stand out tracks. The previously mentioned "True Grit" and "Broken Glass", each of which are primarily produced by The Crystal Method without a lot of input from "guests".