Sasha - Involver
Excerpts from Sasha's Involver
Not so much a true mix CD as much as a mix of remixes by Sasha, this CD does have some gems on it. I'm just disappointed that he did not include more of each individual track.

I'm particularly fond of Jame's Lavelle's work as UNKLE, and his "In a State" is probably my favorite track remixed by Sasha on this CD. Unfortunately, he chose to use the track to keep a steady beat going in the last 1/2 of the mix, and did not include it in its entirety, and we miss the wonderful vocal breakdown.

If you're familiar with Sasha, (as any dance music fan should be) you'll probably want this CD if only to listen to the direction that he's taken in the last two to three years. He's defiantly embraced the fusion of progressive house and breaks, with some very interesting results that are worth checking out.

If your looking for a good DJ mix album, I recommend any of his collaborations with John Digweed such as the "exposure" series or one of his contributions to the Global Underground series.