Orbial - Blue Album
Excerpts from Orbital's Blue Album
Supposedly, this is the last album from Phil and Paul Hartnoll - the brothers that make up “Orbital”. Like the last two albums released in the U.S., “In Sides” and “Middle of Nowhere”, this is not so much a dance music album as it is a set of electronic compositions. Should this be their last release, they will certainly be leaving with a strong release as opposed to simply fading away with mediocre releases. This is definitely electronic music for grownups.

The music that Orbital has put together for this album are, in a word, amazing. On of the outstanding tracks is the driving “Tunnel Vision” which is followed by the drifting “Lost”.

One dance track has emerged and is getting play on both Sirius and XM radio, “Acid Pants” is (as you might guess) a somewhat acid house affair. The vocal, however, is distinctly unique, repeating “When the left track starts then the fun starts”. This is a single that will likely see some serious remixing. It is the one grinding dance track that stands apart from all the others on this generally subdued album. However, it is apparent that even this track fits into the flow of the music, and each track is intentionally placed at a specific point in the album, giving the tempo and mood of the album that of a soundtrack, but a most excellent soundtrack.

Overall, if you’re a fan of Orbital this is a must have album. If you’ve never listened to Orbital, this, along with the Brown album and the Green Album are three picks to get a good sample of their body of work.