Excerpts from Dave Seaman's Mix (CD1)
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Dave Seaman's last Global Underground offering, GU22 (Melbourne) seemed to me to be a bit stale. There were some tracks on it that I found exemplary, and have since purchased for my own use. But overall, the two discs seemed just more of the same. Very good and very smooth, but nothing groundbreaking. The word "professional" comes to mind. He knows the rules and followed them with real precision.

Not to say that Disc One mixed by Dave Seaman on this two disc set, is groundbreaking; but it is certainly more innovative than the afore mentioned Global Underground offering.

To begin this mix, Mr. Seaman offers up a moody fairly slow track that has a vaguely Arabic or Indian feel to it, primarily because of the percussion. As this track moves forward, a steady beat slowly begins to take form, but does not dominate the music. Overall, there is a more melodic feel to the beginning of the mix, as if Dave Seaman is biding his time to hit us with the really big guns later in the mix.

The big guns do come. The excellent track "Giant" by Cass (one half of Cass and Slide) gives way to my favorite track on the mix by far is Infusion's own remix of their excellent track "Girls can be Cruel". This is a track that has a huge buildup, and right when you think it'll cut loose, in comes an excellent vocal breakdown. But the track picks up from there to slide into another hook that drives it right into Paul Jackson's and Steve Smith's "The Push". "The Push" has a great vocal hook that is a prelude to another vocal breakdown. This is the modus operandi for this mid portion of this mix right up to the end - like a sine wave it flows from high energy with a deep bassline to slow and groovy breakdowns.
Dave Seaman & Phil K - The Therapy Sessions