One of the first sets on the Global Underground label that I bought was this disc. I was travelling quite a lot at the time, and left at least two copies in a rental car CD player, forcing me to buy replacement copies. This is simply one of the best mixes I've ever listened to. Both CDs in this 2 disc set are remarkable.

CD1 starts out with the now classic “Imagine” by Fortunato and Montresor. It seems like it's going to be a laid back and groovy affair, but Mr. Digweed slips right into a deep driving beat with “Blu Savanna” by Liquid Language with a mix that is at once subtle and sublime. Overtones of “Imagine” continue for at least one minute into the second track, which is only a highlight of what will be heard throughout CD1. Tracks 6 – 9 see some really amazing mixing and the edit of Danny Tenaglia's classic “Elements” basically forms the backbone of the first disc. John Digweed brings the first disc back to earth with “Air” by Albion, which seems to have a familiar groove to it, much like the first track on the disc. Overall, it's an excellent roundtrip.
Excerpts from GU 1 CD1
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John Digweed - GU1 Sydney