DJ John Kelly - Funkydesertbreaks
Excerpts from Funkydesertbreaks 1
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According to his bio, John Kelly left the rigors of a future in medical school for the 90’s desert party scene outside of L.A. Apparently, at the time of the release of “Funkydesertbreaks” he had developed quite a reputation. He falls into a world of not quite breaks, not quite trance, and not really any overall genre at all. Who knows? Who cares when the hooks and breaks are so sweet?

I initially bought Funkydesertbreaks2 at a local store in my hometown at the suggestion of a very helpful clerk. Sadly, this store is now closed, but I still pop this disc and its predecessor into my CD player occasionally, and while thinking of that clerk, I groove to the bass and the rhythms. At the time (late 1998 I believe), I was just way too into the trance scene, and had no experience with the kind of music John Kelly was spinning at the time. While in parts it has a “trance” vibe, it is also much more with breaks and hard house beats predominating. Needless to say I was blown away, and for over a month I kept coming back to this disc. I can honestly say that DJ John Kelly is the first DJ to start leading me away from a pure trance mindset. As a matter of fact, this was probably the first DJ mix that was labeled as such that I ever bought. If you’re a trancehead, and you want to start exploring other areas of dance music, this would be a great starting point.

Later that same year, I finally found Funkydesertbreaks (the first release) and while I’ve never liked it as much, I still occasionally listen to it. The mixing and track choices on the original were every bit as exciting as the second release; however, of the two discs I believe that the second in the series is superior.

I believe that this disc was mixed “live” in the studio, or directly from vinyl and not using software such as Protools. Consequently, the production value is a bit diminished, and the beat matching is not 100%. These discs definitely have a “live recording” sound to it (sans the crowd noises).