James Zabiela - Sound In Motion
Excerpts from Sound In Motion CD1
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I reviewed this two disc set in the middle of last year, and at the time, I had some specific issues with it. I found it too focused on CD mixing finesse and not enough on keeping a groove going and making the listener “feel the journey”.

I know that sounds corny, but in general I still tend to agree that the focus on the live mixing aspect of these sets detracts a bit from the music. This is particularly evident in track #7, Animated’s “Come On”. However, as I listen to this mix a few months later, I find that it is quite good, and I do find that has that “relistenability” that is important when actually buying a mix by a DJ.

James Zabiela has been the “wunderkind” of the progressive/breaks scene for a couple of years now, doing shows all over the world, and becoming the new protégé of the like of Sasha and Digweed. Maybe I’m coming to see his vision of the progressive scene, because I’ve grown to really like his blend of ambient breaks, and tech-house grooves.

Disc one has a groovy laid back kind of sound to it. A steady beat with some excellent breakdowns. Tracks of note are Natural Rhythm’s “Your World”, Lanoiraude’s “J.J. Scenario” and one of my current favorite acts, Echomen have their excellent track “Through 2 You” remixed by Bushwacka! (of Layo and Bushwacka! fame). This remix gives the track more of a “breaks feel”, though it still keeps that 4X4 beat strong.

On ODD’s “Don’t Look at Me”, there is an excellent overlay of Space Maneuvres’ classic “Stage One”, which Sasha and Digweed fans will remember from their Expeditions series. I’m sure this was not lost on Mr. Zabiela, and that the inclusion of this overlay was something of homage to that excellent mix series.