Layo & Bushwacka! - Feels Closer
Excerpts from Feels Closer

Where many electronic artists albums tend to mix their tracks, this is a very DJ friendly offering, with each track set up in sequence individually. The style ranges from jazzy down tempo to an uplifting house vibe. Hardly any of the breaks sound found on “Night Works” can be found on this offering, but that’s okay because nearly every track is oozing with professionalism in its composition and production.


Here are what some others have to say about Feels Closer:

Progressive Sounds

'Feels Closer' is not only their best work, it's also their most catholic while maintaining a coherency perhaps lacking from their last album. Despite the often pick and mix culture of dance music, 'Feels Closer' should be enjoyed as a full body of work. Their unique sound has been fleshed out and encompasses as many styles as you may expect from this well traveled pair, and will be released in March 2006 on their own label Olmeto Records.


Dance music duo Layo and Bushwacka return to the stage with their new album 'Feels Closer', a mix of dance tracks, featuring everthing from the tinny hi-hat sounds of nineties dance to the more modern smooth portamento bends of todays Montreal scene. Elements of virtually can be found including some pretty impressive percussion performed manually by Mino Cinelu that raises the whole bundle to a new level.

BBC Collective

Recorded largely in New York and Brazil, for their third album Layo And Bushwacka! set out in search of musical pastures new. They pick up some hitchers on the way, including Green Velvet, Latin vocalist Rogério Flausino, and even the ghosts of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, on a dubby downtempo remix of Isn’t This A Lovely Day. With live percussion, sax and guitars brought into the mix, Feels Closer admirably broadens their horizons, although the 4/4 throbs throughout show they haven’t completely abandoned their natural habitat.


Two or three years ago, I picked up Layo & Bushwacka’s second full CD release, “Night Works”, which I believe was an excellent album. When I heard that the British duo had released their follow up album, I filed that away in the back of my mind as a CD to get.

It wasn’t until I was in NYC a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity. In a little shop on Bleeker street, I found it up on the wall for a really reasonable price and had to pick it up. I must say that I’ve not been disappointed.