Excerpts from The Therapy Sessions Vol. 3 CD1
Dave Seaman and Lexicon Avenue - The Therapy Sessions Vol 3
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Dave Seaman has had two previous outings for his “Therapy” series. Each previous outing has been reviewed here, and each has been generally positive - particularly for the “guest” DJs Phil K (Vol. 1) and Luke Chable (Vol 2.) that is mixes each second disc.

This time out, Dave Seaman chose Lexicon Avenue the DJ and production team is made up of Scott Bradford, Chris Scott and Mark Armstrong. Unlike his other partners, who could be considered breaks DJs, Lexicon Ave. are unabashadly house driven.

I found the Seaman mix to be the same standard melodic house offering that I've come to expect. Not bad, and a nice listen to, but not terribly groundbreaking either. Maybe I'm a bit too hard on him, as this really is a quality offering. Of course I'm sure he couldn't possibly care less – he's an internationally renowned superstar DJ. But I just wonder if Dave Seaman is content to keep sending his listeners examples of the kind of house music that he loves and he's not interested in searching the horizons for new music.

I turned on Disc 2 and was nodding my head in my care thinking “this is more like it”. Tighter basslines, chunkier beats, more intense rhythms, yeah, this is what I like most about house music. Overall the second Disc is my favorite, especially “So Get Up” by The Underground Sound of Lisbon and “Rej” by Ame (which is simply an excellent track!).