Chab - Dubs, Edits and Whiskey-Coke
Excerpts from Dubs, Edits and Whiskey-Coke

I recall first hearing a production by Chab on Dave Seaman’s contribution to “The Masters Series” by Renaissance Records.  I really liked the track and when I found this disc at a record shop when I was traveling for work last year, I went ahead and bought it.  It turns out that this is a 2005 release, but I still think it was a good purchase. 


This is a great disc of subdued and slightly dark progressive house tracks at a somewhat slower than average tempo.  It’s a very good for a late night “come down” disc. “Sunrise” is on the disc as well as other well known tracks like “Closer To Me” and “Lover”.  If found in a used bin, this is a must have.

One major complaint I have with this disc, is that it’s what I would consider a single artist production, but yet the tracks are all mixed.  That means that I can’t easily use the tracks in a mix of my own creation.  I think this is something of a dirty tactic to force DJs to buy individual records even after they’ve purchase the artist’s release.  At least tell me it’s mixed and each track is not set apart individually. 


Here’s what others have had to say about “Dub, Edits and Whiskey-Coke”:


Progressive Sounds


A few years ago a friend told me to keep an eye on DJ Nukem and Chab. Both were relatively new to the scene with just a handful of tracks released but he saw something of high quality emerging. At the time, I didn’t see Chab for what he was becoming. Then Chab introduced “Tunneling” and “My Memory” and my eyes were opened. “Dub, Edits & Whisky-Coke” further showcases Chab’s creatve talent.


I really had much pleasure listening to this cd over and over and over again. With the exception of “Monster” and “Lover” all of the tracks flowed together very well. In fact, minus those tracks and I rate this full lengther of Chab’s original works as steller. Unfortunately with those two tracks thrown into the mix, I just couldn’t get into the mind groove that should have happened. This is just my opinion though, and I suppose many will love it just fine. Maybe I just need more whisky and coke.


Chab, aka Moogwai, aka Star, aka Francios Chabloz, has been on the scene for a while (anyone with that many aliases has to have done a few parties), but fans of this Italian-born producer and composer's work with Dave Davis and DJ Nukem are in for a pleasant surprise with this new full-length mix of radio-friendly singles, mid-tempo grooves and exotic instrumentals (We'd expect nothing less under the guidance of legendary executive co-producer Satoshi Tomiie).


Definitely pop this one in the player after midnight at your next party when everyone's good and buzzed and then see what sort of answers you get to the following question: What exactly *is* whiskey-coke?