Trentemoller - Chonicles
Excerpts from Disc One of Chonicles
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I’ve grown to be a big fan of Danish mimimal producer Anders Trentemøller, referred to in the music world as simply Trentemoller. After time I grew to love “The Last Resort”, which I reviewed a year or so ago.  When “Chronicles” came out, I knew right away what I was buying and knew what to expect. 

“The Trentemoller Chronicles” is really quite a good value.  It is a dual disc release.  The first disc is thirteen Trentemoller tracks, either original mixes, live versions (“Snowflake”) or remixes by the artists of some of his earlier releases.  Like “The Last Resort”, the tracks on “Chonicles” are generally minimal tracks that maintain a relatively downtempo vibe.  But also like “The Last Resort” the tracks are also very melodic, rich in their textures, well produced and often attain a sublime beauty. Frankly, I’ll not be surprised if I see Trentemoller producing a movie score some day, because as I’ve said before his music has the ability to portray emotion without being “in your face” about it. 


Disc two is also a real treat, featuring eleven remixes by Trentemoller of tracks by other groups/producers.  These are all provided in an unmixed format so they can easily be used in a mix or other compliation.  These eleven tracks along with Disc One, provide a well rounded view of where Trentemoller is as a producer.  Disc Two should not be considered a formal release as such, but a compilation of previous releases.  Here you’ll hear Trentemoller providing his own techy and minimal take on some very popular dance releases.  His remix work doesn’t necessarily see him stripping everything down, but he certainly provides his own twist on the tracks and they all carry that “Trentemoller sound”. 

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