Steve Lawler - Lights Out Vol. 3
Excerpts from Disc One of Lights Out Vol. 3
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I’ve had this disc for about a year now, and when I bought it back in early 2007 it was already a couple of years old.  Unlike the two previous Lights Out releases, Vol. 3 shows Steve Lawler incorporating into his dirty sexy underground sound tracks with definite electro elements. 


Disc one has the obligatory funky intro, gritty house sound, and tribal overtures.  But also present, particularly in the Trentemoller remix of Fred Everything & 20 for 7’s “Friday”, are some of the electro elements that seemed to be the sound du jour a few years back. I really like the cheeky use of the Submission acapella from “Women Beat Their Men” later in the disc (the men beat the drums by the way).  Overall, disc one is a great mix.

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