Adam Freeland - Global Underground 32 "Mexico City"
Excerpts from Disc One of GU #32 "Mexico City"
Click here to listen to excerpts from Disc Two of GU #32 "Mexico City"

As Global Underground expands the type of dance music that they present on their flagship series, we’ve seen several flavors of house/progressive house and to some extent, trance.  But there have been relatively few breaks mixes featured in the series.  James Lavelle’s two contributions to the series are the only ones that come to mind. 


Enter Adam Freeland, breaks wizard and head of his label Marine Parade.  Over the last ten + years, Freeland has become synonymous with breaks.  He has his own style that is often a fusion of house and breaks.  I first became really aware of him when I heard his fabulous track, “We Want Your Soul”. 

On this two disc release, you’ll find two very distinctive mixes on each disc.  Disc one is a straight up breaks affair with loads of bass and beats.  Disc two sees Freeland experimenting, providing a mix that incorporates loads of tracks by “real bands with real instruments”.  Sure there’s beats and the vibe is generally dance oriented, but it does take some detours.


Overall, not one of my favorite GU release. . . I’m much more excited about the Layo & Buschwacka GU release that I have yet to pick up.

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