Luke Fair - Balance 011
Excerpts from Disc One of Balance 011
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So I’m tuning into my weekly download of John Digweed’s KISS 100 show “Transitions” for the guest DJ mix, and it happens to be Luke Fair.  Now I’ve heard of Luke Fair, but have never really listened to anything other than some of his remix work.  This mix started out with a fabulous ethereal track accompanying a poet reciting a poem to a young girl who represents “everything I am and everything I’m not”.  It turns out the track is Ben Watt & Baby Black, “Old Soul” . 

Well, I really enjoyed the entire set, and learned that Fair was on the show promoting his latest release, the eleventh installment for the Australian “Balance” series from EQ Recordings.  After a couple off weeks, I went ahead and picked it up, and have been listening to this two disc set off and on for about four months now.  Each disc is a great set, with a track selection that I believe is what house music should always be.  There is a trend in the world of house to strip things down and get techy and minimal.  While I enjoy this type of music, I find it’s often less fulfilling than bass heavy music with occasional melodies and lots of textured layers including the use of real instruments.  That’s exactly what this mix provides. 

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