Danny Howells - Choice
Excerpts from Disc One of Choice
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I think I’ve decided that I don’t like the Choice series.  Sure I like the artists that they choose to produce these compliations, but the whole theme of picking your obscure and old tracks and calling them “influential” I believe is really just an exercise in one upsmanship.  I suspect that each new contributor to the series has to do better at finding some obscure “gem” that was forgotten by the previous contributors.

This, like other “Choice” offerings, is an unmixed release.  Several of the tracks are quite long and consequently there are only a total of eighteen tracks in the entire release.  By far my favorite is the DH Stripped Down Mix of The Temptations “Papa was a Rolling Stone”, but I have always liked that song, so this is no surprise. 


Don’t get me wrong, Danny Howells is one of my favorite DJ/Producers.  I just don’t like the theme of this series, so I’m not thrilled with this disc in general.

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