James Holden - Balance 005
Excerpts from Disc One of Balance 005
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I was reading some music article or other the other day, and saw a comment on how the Balance series of compilation CDs by Australian group Stomp Records typically brings their focus on second tier DJ talent that needs more exposure.  The gist of the comment was that until James Holden did Balance 005, the series was not really anything special and was certainly not making any heads turn. The writer went on to say that with James Holden’s contribution to the series, everything changed.  Since then, the series has been consistently one of the best DJ compilation series out there. 


With this information I picked this 2 disc set up off of Amazon.com for under $10 and after a few listenings, I couldn’t agree more.  Each disc is a great example of house music from about four years ago.  Many of the tracks have become some of my all time favorites (PQM’s “You Are Sleeping” comes to mind).  If you can find this disc in the used bin, it’s worth picking up.

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