Sharam - Global Underground #29 "Dubai"
Excerpts from Disc One of GU#29 "Dubai"
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It seems that every third of fourth release from the GU label is by either Deep Dish or Nick Warren.  But when I learned that each member of the production/DJ due Deep Dish were slated for their own individual releases for the GU label, I was stoked. I’ve been a Deep Dish fan for years, and I’ve almost always liked their brand of house music (in spite of the generally poor quality of their second full length release “George is On”). 


The first disc of this release starts out in typical Deep Dish fashion with a soulful vocal house track by DYAD10, “Sugar (Sweet Thing).  It then transitions into a full on progressive/underground house mix.  Disc 2 is more of a club oriented affair, and has the typical throbbing base line and high hats.  I really enjoyed both discs, though they have very different vibes going on.


There are several standout tracks on this disc, and surprisingly there are some names in there that are typically associated with eurotrance (Paul Van Dyk and Armin van Burin).  Look for current producers du jour 16 Bit Lolitas and perennial favorites Pete Heller and Creamer and Stephan K. 

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