John Digweed - Transitions Vol. 3
Excerpts from Transitions Vol. 3

Of the three “Transitions” releases to date by Renaissance, this is by far the most complex and most tightly mixed.  With each track especially edited by John Digweed for the mix, the overall disc holds a whopping 20 tracks.  In a world where the average release is over 6 ½ minutes, that means that each track was snipped down to approximately four minutes.  I believe that what Digweed was going for here was to show how capable he is with his “transitions” while at the same time highlighting some of his current favorite tracks and producers.  Even to the experienced dance music listener, the mixing on this disc is such that one can easily miss when a track ends and a new one begins. Each track flows seamlessly with the other creating a mix that has to be taken as a whole and not track by track. 

The vibe of this mix is decidedly techy (though several reviewers are of the opinion that this is a “progressive” mix), but there is a lot of texture and layering going on so that this mix could hardly be called “minimal”.  Initially, I was a bit disappointed with the mix.  It’s not a head nodder in the traditional sense – I think it’s a stretch to call this a booty shaking mix.  Like his other recent outings, this is electronic music more for the brain than the butt.
This is a single disc mix, but there is a tasty treat included as a second disc.  Basically, it’s Digweed’s recent single release “Gridlock” reworked and retooled for this release by Digweed and his production partner Nick Muir.  This single track times in right at 25 minutes!  This is quite a contrast to the tracks on the mix.
If you’re a Digweed fan, this is a must.  If you’re not, then I’ll not venture a guess as to whether or not you’d like it.
Others had this to say about John Digweed’s “Transitions Vol. 3”:
“. . . .if you avoid the intro, which is simply boring and doesn’t bring anything very particular, you can find a very nice compilation, which you can listen to it at home, dance on it, be melancholic, remember some good old days, enjoying some fresh nowadays vibes. If you are caught in almost 80 minutes by only 20 tracks, you can imagine how this is going to sound live, in a club at 3-4 in the morning. Because, as the protagonist said, this is what it’s all about; “This mix still represents an immediate snapshot of my favourite tunes and producers, but it’s also about that specific energy you get at 3 or 4am at the best clubs or festivals around the world.”
“Overall this double disc in part three of the series, can be explained as a true intricate experiment — a pressure-led personal journey of sorts, but one that needs to be done. As if to ask, does true ‘Transition’ lie within the strong elemental bonds of continued creative landscapes developed over time — or in punchy sounds laid out on quick moving playlists?”
“While detractors may say this is still prog (what on earth is that these days anyway?), it`s more than that, with glitchy touches, and pace that anyone that`s witnessed Digweed in the mix in the last twelve months will attest to - no plodding but a purposeful drive behind all his sets. The end is sublime - Gui Boratto`s mix of Adam Freeland`s Silverlake Pills, Umek`s Ricochet Effect and Guy J`s Save Me. It sounds like his classic mid 90s stuff, but just updated, exactly as it should be. This is shaping up to be a series that will run and run.”
“‘Transitions’ is a stellar mix that really defines John as a DJ. The tremendous builds he’s known for in his live shows have been brought to us in a short 78 minute mix. This is nothing short of brilliant. If Sasha has his magic, John has his ability to create a void of sound, one that many now dub “the vortex” and this album shows the listener exactly what he is known best for.”