Hernan Cattaneo - Sequential Vol. 2
Excerpts from Disc One of Sequential Vol. 2
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I must say that I’m a big fan of Argentinian DJ and producer Hernán Cattáneo.  This is the fifth mix release that I’ve purchased from this guy.  The first one, released on Perfecto Records was very good, but considering I bought it about three years after its release some of the tracks had gone on to become huge tunes and the overall mix sounded a bit dated.  I’ve previously reviewed his three releases for the Renaissance label (two contributions to “The Masters Series” and “Sequential Vol. 1), all of which I loved and still listen to occasionally. 


Sequential Vol. 2 from 2007 is a continuation of what he was doing on his release for “The Masters Series”, and is a great flowing house mix that builds up slowly over the course of the two discs.  Like the first of this series, Sequential Vol. 2 is an around the world romp of current house music trends, put together in a thoughtful and brilliant manner by this “master”.


This disc is nearing a year old, and it can be found on Amazon.com at a used price.  If you don’t have it, it should be grabbed!



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