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Seb Fontaine - Type Vol. 2
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Seb Fontaine Ė Type Vol. 2


I guess this release was really under the radar.  I picked this double disc up at a local used book/CD store on the cheap.  Iíve been a marginal fan of Seb Fontaine for awhile, and I probably wouldnít have picked this release up at full price.  I was surprised that it turned out to be a pretty darned good.  Each disc is a great example of funky and progressive house with a great selection of tracks but not much fancy mixing or editing.  


The reason I say this must have come in under the radar is because I usually post links and comments from on-line reviews of a disc.  Iíve done several searches, and Iíll be darned if I canít find a true review of this disc.  I did find some fan comments on Amazon.com: 


Finally!! Seb Fontaine is back to his old self! Type 2 reminds me of Prototype 1 Disc 2, nice flows and some killer unheard tracks. If your a Seb Fontaine fan you will love this CD. If your asking yourself who the heck is this Seb guy, trust me you wanna know! * This is not an Ultra or MOS type of CD where you know 9 out of the 10 tracks * ** If your looking for "Anthems" this is not for you** This is for T R U E dance fans. Pick this up, you will have no regrets.