Excerpts from Vibrator
Meat Katie - Vibrator

Meat Katie is one of my personal favorite producers. While first impressions may classify him as a breaks DJ and Producer, it really isn't fair to pigeonhole him into just one genre. Meat Katie, aka Mark Pember really crosses into a world shared with few others. He has had major success with traditional breaks releases, but also produces some spectacular “cross genre” tracks that fuse house with breaks and which might fit into either type of mix set.

“Vibrator” is Meat Katie's third full length release (no sexual connotations intended by the artist). In a recent interview he stated, "You know, it's got nothing to do with anything sexual in nature at all... It goes back to the whole sort of underground warehouse sort of parties where any music goes and there were no definite genres. I guess in general, the sounds I'm all about are centered on this kind of thing - an overall vibration rather than set in concrete genres and that type of thing." Not a single track on this CD disappoints. And true to his word the styles range from breaks to house to somewhere in between.

One disappointment is that several of the tracks are mildly mixes, but it's nothing that can't be dealt with is one wants to include one of the tracks in a personal mix set. 

I  own “Off the Bone”, Meat Katie's first full length artist CD, and have not been able to find his second. But between his freshman and junior releases, “Vibrator” is definitely the stronger of the two.

This disc can be picked up at a very reasonable price on Amazon.com.