Only the best mixing tool for mp3 and wav files. You'll have to check out the web site and the demo to learn of what I am writing. Their new release, Mixmeister Fusion is a killer mixing app!

Check out the forums, you'll likely find recent posts from me. Their Internet radio station is where you'll find first runs of mine and many others' mixes.
MP3 Gain is the best tool I've found to make sure your MP3s are set at the same standard volume. I use it on my entire collection, and I've never had a problem with it. Don't know what "gain" is? Just check out the web site. I'm sure you'll find it indispensible. And the best part is, it's free!
For all your Peer2Peer news. Great resource for instruction and download links.
Slyck Peer2Peer News
There are loads of on-line sites that have been developed for the dance music fan, offering legal downloads of high bit rate mp3s with no digital rights management embedded in them for very reasonable prices. If one looks through all of the sites, there is a likelihood that one will find just about any track they are pursuing. Below are a listing of but a few of those that I frequent:
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I found this site after searching for an alternative to Freshly Mixed. This is a free to use website that asks for donations through PayPal or with your Visa/Master Card. The archive is set up by date, and also by genre. You can search for specific mixes and radio shows. The downloads are a bit slow, and the bit rates of the shows are variable, but usually fairly good.

NOTE - I've been having trouble with the site as of late and I'm not sure why. From multiple computers I've not been able to d/l any mixes.
MP3 Tag
My former favorite tag editor MP3 Tag Studio was not playing nice with Windows 7, so I had to find an alternative. Since I've started using this, I've grown very fond of it and will not go back to MP3TS. Though it does not have the full context menu support that MP3 TS, within the program itself MP3 Tag has way more functionality.